• The Salem Chamber continues “One Strike You’re Out” Initiative

    Salem restaurateurs, the Salem Chamber of Commerce, the City of Salem, and the Salem Police announced this year’s participants in the “One Strike You’re Out” initiative.
    The initiative is a joint effort to ensure all Salem restaurant patrons a positive and pleasant experience. All participating restaurants agree to abide by a zero tolerance no trespass program.  As part of the program, the Salem Chamber of Commerce distributes posters with the “One Strike You’re Out” message for patrons, to be hung at all entrances of participating establishments. 
    Salem Police Chief Lucas Miller has voiced his support: “As Chief of Police of Salem, I want to extend a sincere welcome to all our October visitors. So many people travel to Salem to enjoy our rich history, our exiting culture, and the food and entertainment our hospitality industry provides. We want everyone to have a good time, but if someone can’t behave themselves and disrupts our merchants, our residents, or our visitors, the “One Strike You’re Out” initiative makes clear that we are united when we say that we will not tolerate it.”
    How it works: If someone has been served a “No Trespass Order” by the Salem Police at one of the participating restaurants, that person will not be allowed entry into any of the participating establishments for a six-month period. The Salem Police will provide all restaurants with “No Trespass” flyers including photographs of the person.  
    Participating establishments, the Salem Chamber of Commerce and the Salem Police will continue communication and evaluation on an on-going basis. There will be list sharing and direct communication between restaurants, police, and the Salem Licensing Board. All participating establishments are also committed to be pro-active in approaching possible difficulties within their establishment. 
    For more information on the initiative, please contact the Salem Chamber of Commerce at 978-744-0004.