• Member Referral Program

    We have rolled out a referral program for new members of the Salem Chamber. If you as an existing member refer a new member to the Chamber, you will receive $250 in media credits (for possible credits see the list below).
    To qualify for your media credits, the new member must pay their membership fees. Additionally, you will need to send us the following or have them indicate that they were referred to us by you/your business. For a referral, we will need the following in order to contact them (in addition to your name/business):

    • Name of new member business
    • Person to contact
    • Phone/Email of contact


    Media Credits (you may combine these to add up to $250):

    • A set of mailing labels - value: $175
    • A mailing Insert (one page) - value: $175
    • A dedicated email message (to 1,800 members and businesses) - value: $100
    • A web-banner ad ($50/month – 3 months) - value: $150
    • A membership directory ad credit (business card ad) - value: $250
    • An enhanced web marketing package (for one year only) - value: $250
    • An event sponsorship - value: $250
  • What Members Are Saying

  • Rob Liani, Owner of Coffee Time Bake Shop: "The Salem Chamber really advocates business interests and concerns to the city whether it relates to zoning, tax rates, or a multitude of other issues. The Chamber does a great job representing BUSINESS to the city.”

    Mike Sperling, Owner of Sperling Interactive: "The Salem Chamber of Commerce has been a valuable way for us to build relationships, maintain existing relationships and ultimately to attract new clients to our business.  We rely on the business online business directory as a tool for those searching for our business to visit our website and to reach out to us to learn more about our services.  As Sperling Interactive continues to grow, we will always have the Salem Chamber at the center of our local marketing strategy."

    Jason Consalvo, Vice President, Market Manager at Salem Five Bank: "The level of advocacy that the Salem Chamber provides on behalf of the business community in Salem is unparalleled. Not only does the Chamber have the ear of local and state politicians but they are trying to make Salem a better place for business and to do business. How often do you get a chance to pay so little for getting your voice heard."

    Adria Leach, External Relations at Salem State University: “The Salem Chamber is very active in the community. The staff of the chamber seems to be everywhere and knows all that is going on around town and with the business community.”

    Kate Fox, Executive Director of Destination Salem: “For many businesses networking is a key piece of Salem Chamber membership but you have to remember - you get out what you put in. Chamber events are where you meet new colleagues, customers, and connections. Make sure you use these to your full advantage!”

    Scott M. Grover, Esq., Partner at Tinti, Quinn, Grover & Frey, P.C.: “In my business, knowledge is everything. If you want to know what is really happening in the city, you have to belong to the Salem Chamber.”

    Jen Close, Peabody Essex Museum: “Monthly meetings with the Mayor allow the Chamber staff to have a direct impact on policy and events in Salem. Being a Chamber member is a great way for your business to make sure that you are involved in a way that benefits both the city and the business community.”